All About Computer Repairs 2U

Computer Repairs 2u was founded by Bruce Willis. Because his experience in the IT industry stretches back to 1978, he knows what he is talking about. His clients have included thriving businesses and private homes around the Perth metropolitan area. Bruce’s clients benefit from his up-to-date technological knowledge thanks to his extensive experience. Bruce’s clients can expect the work of a professional, truly committed to top notch service.


Bruce says, Computer Repairs 2u was came about because, “I was constantly outraged by horror stories of ‘backyard IT cowboys’. These cowboys were causing more problems for the small business and residential sector than they were fixing. I wanted to set the record straight for the Geek world so I used my talents to stop people jumping out of windows due to sheer frustration – whether that was from their computer or the person fixing it. We help people who profess to being either technologically challenged, not having enough time to research solutions to a computer problem they’ll probably never come across again or simply want to spending all their time doing their own job and leaving the computer problems to the experts.”

Our company was founded with a clear vision of providing quality, cost effective and ultra-friendly service.

Computer Repairs 2u has great support which enables us to come to your rescue quickly. We have all the right knowledge and tools to solve your IT problems quickly. We don’t use blinding computer speak, we just provide solutions. Before we leave, we explain clearly to our clients what has been done to their computers. We also tell them how to avoid problems recurring in the future.


I have had a lot of requests to change the Windows 10 start menu to have the look and feel of Windows 7.

Fortunately, there is an easy method of achieving this and furthermore, if you don’t like the change, an easy method of returning to the standard Windows 10 start menu.

about us

Our company History

Computer Repairs 2u was established in 1998 to provide mobile onsite support and computer repair services to the home & office in Perth, Western Australia. We have more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry.

We also build and sell computers with excellent value for money with onsite hardware warranty, setup and technical support services.

Forget about offshore help desks, return to the shop or back to base warranty - our PC's come with 12mths ONSITE WARRANTY.

For reliable and personal IT service call today.

Our mission


At Computer Repairs 2u we understand that computer, virus, email or internet problems can affect your life at home or in your business and cause anxiety and worry. We are highly skilled and can diagnose and resolve even the most complex problems giving you peace of mind. You do not have to wait for an inexperienced junior tech to catch up to the actual issue. You can expect a level of computer support, technical ability, and customer service that keeps customers coming back since 1998. We do not charge a travel fee to most areas and time starts onsite not on the road with standard industry flat hourly rates.